Latex note#5 cautious hyphenation…

3 Jan

You you are tyred of latex au-to-ma-tic hy-phe-na-tion for some reason, then there are some easy tricks:

Hardcore hack: supress all hyphenation for a target font

use \hyphenchar\font=-1 although, I don’t recommend supressing it all. It will probably produce a horrible document.

Medium trick: Supress hyphenation on a series of words

use \hyphenation{word list} and it will not hyphanate those words. Also this command is very powerfull and can serve for declaring your own hyphenation rules, for that you use the “-” in the list of words, latex will now hyphenate them accordingly to your own definition, example \hyphenation{FORTRAN Hy-phen-a-tion}.

Light tricky (my favourite when needed): hyphenate a singletarget word

use \mbox{text}around the word. Simple as hell.

A usage example

When formatting tables, one can need a certain word to be not hyphenated, here’s a concrete example from my thesis.


Here the hyphenation in “processing” kills the good asthetic of our table.

So by adding \mbox{processing}, we assure that this doesn’t happen. There are other ways of obtaining this by extensive manipulation of the cell content, but this is far more easy.


The result is a much nicer to read table.


One Response to “Latex note#5 cautious hyphenation…”

  1. PedroLopes January 4, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    Thanks Kings for noticing that the post needed a greater clarification of the usage of non-hyphenation.
    So the example was included later.

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