Latex note#7 color that thing!

3 Jan

About Latex colors, I’m currently using the xcolor package, which is beatifully documented here.

a) You can load it with more than just the base colors, an example:

\usepackage[svgnames]{xcolor} this svgnames/svgnames* loads a set of 151 rgb color names according to the SVG1.1 specification

b) If you want to add it to a table, just alter the package definition to:


c) And then insert this before the begin of the tabular environment on your table:


svgnames/svgnames* loadsasetof151 rgb colornames5 accordingtothe
6,enhancedby4namestakenfromthefile rgb.txt

Now you can observe your colorfull tables that are more HCI friendly, be carefull of color choice – when printing in black & white.


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