Prototype#1: very-early-alpha-does-nothing-stage

25 Feb

(click here to enlarge)


Right side -> Pure Open Source Flex (flash interface)

<- OSC server ->

My basic PureData DJ Mixer <- Left Side

At this point they are not interconnected, because I’m still looking at how to setup a OSC server in Flash (OSCLib? FLOSC?) using the XMLSocket (most likely!)… I still have to research deeper into OSCLib because I could not easily build the demos of the trunk (CVS) by hand (I’m using Flex on command line).

As far as PureData is concerned (which is not defined for the final prototype as the audio render… a post VERY SOON on audio layer possibilities!) I had huge headaches trying to use an OSC server on top. Using the basic tcp is very easy, but unfortunately the oscx external (comprising dumpOSC, sendOSC, etc..) has to be compiled by hand for my 64 bit Linux – so I’ll have to hold on that for tomorrow – with a clearer mind.

Flash with OSC

OscLib (Lib designed to interface Flash with Pd, Max, SuperCollider, etc…)

FLOSC (Likewise, making flash interface with OSC-powered applications through TCP<->UPD translator)

PureData with OSC (or flash directly – just for prototype)

flashserver (works fine, encapsulates pd messages into TCP for Flash, works both ways)

oscx object (simple server/client to use OSC inside Pd – tough to get nowadays – maybe getting deprecated?)

There are several of  gateways available (OSC is hot nowadays)

SwingOSC (works fine, used by SuperCollider in windows)

javaOSC (works neat, very simple)

FLOSC (is a gateway, above mentioned)

p.s.: A hint for the next “Audio Layer Possibilities post” > SuperCollider works internally with OSC.


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