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Keynote on Biohacking at Campus Party Europe 2012

5 Nov

Biohacking and Brain Computer interfaces: the future of Human Computer Interaction (video/youtube)


As a discipline, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has always wandered on the boundaries between art and science, mainly due to its multidisciplinary genealogy, but often because it is a process of envisioning and questioning the future. The ideas of Cyborg, Augmented Humans and Bio-Feedback have been strong research themes for decades in HCI.

However, two currents need to merge in order for us to grasp the “augmented human”: firstly, to sense and understand ourselves is crucial – reading and understanding our bio-signals and secondly, to let ourselves be controlled. My keynote (video here) on the Leonardo Stage revolved around such matters, where art and science naturally meet to discuss how contemporary bodies will sound and look.